Our top-of-the-line Krone tedder covers 26 ft. of ground at one time, so we have enough time to ted twice in one day. Uniformly tedded hay dries faster, preserving nutrients, quality and value
Our Krone Big Pack baler is made in Germany and one of the most advanced on the market. It produces a
very consistent bale (weight & size).
When it comes to getting the hay out of the field, we use a tractor trailer and telehandler so the hay is quickly and efficiently removed from the field the same day it is baled. Once again...less dew & less moisture equal a superior quality bale of hay.
CRS Hay, LLC. Wholesale Hay Supplier, Washington County New York 235 County Route 16. Fort Ann, NY 12827 (518) 378-0901
Our goal at CRS Hay is to produce the best,
top quality hay for our customers.

In order to produce a superior bale of hay, we have researched and invested in advanced, top of the line equipment.

Our John Deere self-propelled high-performance mower conditioner is one of the best available. Because its top quality conditioning system causes the hay to dry much quicker, it allows us to bale up to 2 days earlier, resulting in less dew damage, less sun bleaching…better quality hay.